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Lens collection. Photo by Terekhin Aleksander.

the way cottage // our first home together. my sisters and best friends and I got ready for my wedding in the living room. zach picked me up and carried me, in my wedding dress, through that door. I peed on a stick (well, four) and found out I was pregnant in the bathroom here, and took all my weekly belly photos in our room. we’ve had countless friends sleep on the futon downstairs, had tooo many dance parties in the kitchen, hosted game nights and dinner parties, planned all our camping trips and adventures, and watched endless episodes of heroes here. this was our first home, full of our earliest memories of being married, and now, we have packed up all that we own and are moving on. it has been bittersweet and preeetttty emotional, but we are excited for what is to come. #waycottage #thewayfam

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